Why google search engine is better than bing for technical information?

When Microsoft launched  bing search engine, I started using it. I really liked the picture on main page and  results are good when I am searching non-technical information.  So I changed my default search engine to Bing and set home page as http://www.bing.com.

But when it comes to technical information, bing couldn't provide me information I wanted. It seems it doesn't display the latest information.
E.g  I was working on dbxml (Berkeley DB XML) and posted a question to the "dbxml forum".  When I searched "dbxml forum" (without quotes), bing fetches following first five search results.
  • sourceforge.net/projects/dbxml-core
  • rubyforge.org/forum/?group_id=1643
  • sourceforge.net/projects/dbxml
  • dbxml-core.wiki.sourceforge.net/space/​stats
  • eiffel-dbxml.wiki.sourceforge.net
When I search "dbxml forum" (without quotes), it fetches following results.
  • forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=274
  • www.nabble.com/Berkeley-DB-Xml-f730.html 
  • www.nabble.com/Berkeley-DB-XML-mailing-list-transition-td5475353.html 
  • www.mombu.com/.../t-getting-started-with-berkeley-db-xml-806334.html 
  • www.eosdirectory.com/project/196/Berkeley+DB+XML.html    
 You can see the difference. The first link is for berkeley db xml forum even though you don't see the dbxml word in the link.  Google search engine has latest information about Berkeley DB XML including information that it is bought by Oracle and forums.oracle.com is the latest page for Berkeley DB XML.   So every time  I search in bing, I had to search it again in google to get the dbxml forum page which was waste of my time. Eventually, I decided had to switch back to google search engine.