Installing Android 2.2 on HTC Aria

Hi Guys,
  I was able to successfully root/jailbreak my HTC Aria phone and install Android 2.2.  Here are the steps. (Please try it at your own risk).

  1. Install unrevoked3 to root the phone.  
  2. Download  CyanogenMod for your version of the handset.
  3. Copy it into your phones SDcard and rename to
  4. Power off your phone and keep pressing power button (on top) and volume button (on side)
  5. It will reboot with recovery options with multiple menu options.
  6. Select option 6: nandroid to take backup
  7. Select option to 3: "wipe data/factory reset"
  8. Select option 4: "wipe cache partition" 
  9. Select option 8: "Advance" and  select option "wipe delvik cache".
  10. Selection option "reboot recovery"
  11. Now select option to install from sdcard.
  12. Reboot the phone and you will have andorid 2.2 install.
Once I installed, everything worked fine except android market place.
  13.  Enable your wifi internet connection
  14.  Goto  ROM Manager and upgrade FlashClockworkMode version
  15. Download market fix to your sd card. 
  16. Again follow 5,7,8,9 and 10
  17.  Go back to ROM manager and select option install from SD card.
  18. Select
  19. once installation is done, reboot.
    I have no issues so far.  Let me know if you find any issue or need help installing it.


    Anonymous said...

    Hello. After I installed the update file and reboot my phone, the recovery options did not appear and I can't access the SD card. I get a "Not Prepared" error message. What steps should I take? Thanks

    Anonymous said...

    When it reboots, did you try pressing the power button and volume button?
    Also did you try upgrading the version using your ROM manager? Make sure Wifi is enabled.

    Anonymous said...

    your market fix wont work for me, at the installation screen the file errors and i get (status 0) -HTC aria

    Anonymous said...

    Looks like this post if for 2.2. I installed and now have 2.3.3 (gingerbread?) installed. I think the market fix is for a 2.2 build and this is why it fails.

    Dawood Khan said...

    Thanks for this blog I liked it. 3 mobiles